Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall views and estate sale finds

One of my favorite features of our home is the amazing sunlight that shines in the windows in different parts of the house throughout  the day.  Back when the home was built they thought about placing windows where they would let in the most light.  Not all homes built these days  have that much thought put into optimizing sun exposure. This photo is of  the fall foliage through the large lead glass front window and  my favorite window in the house

When we were house hunting we were seriously considering a fixer-upper Victorian just down the street from the house that we bought.  It was built in 1890 and has remained in the same family the entire time.  The intricate woodwork on the staircase and all of the mantles has surprisingly remained unpainted and in perfect condition considering the house had been vacant for the last 26  YEARS! A bonus to buying the house was that it came with a Cadillac and all the antiques that had been stored in it by the owner.  The problem was it didn't have a yard and we have 2 dogs.  Plus it did need a lot of work and being vacant for 26 years in northern Pennsylvania will defiantly cause many issues yet to be discovered.  Sadly the owner died waiting for a buyer and  the family held an estate sale over the weekend. We walked down to check it out.  We put a bid in on the dining room set and found a complete set of china never taken out of the box.  I found a unique leather purse, shoes, shirt, and a full set of paint color swatches.  The fella found a couple vintage dress shirts and ties. 
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