Friday, June 22, 2012

I've Got the Cobalt Blues

I wore this outfit the last day of bonnaroo. It was a little cooler than usual that day and I was comfortable even after the sun went down. When I was sitting on the lawn of the What stage waiting for my husband after the Beach Boys I was approached by a nice young man from Canada. This is what he said, " I am digging the curls, you look like a pin up from the 50’s, love your style." Then he gave me a high five and the peace sign and he was gone. I can appreciate a genuine compliment when they don’t try pick you up afterwards.  
Cobalt is my new favorite summer color, my eyes are drawn to it.  Even though everything is blooming and  so colorful right now, cobalt still manages to stand out. 
Shirt Forever 21 /  Skirt Levi's /  Sandals Chacos

Still rocking the roo wristband.  Since I was so bad at taking pictures of my outfits at bonnaroo, I am considering doing a what I wore to bonnaroo series.  Check back soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Recent Hike

I have been meaning to post these pictures of a hike we took recently for some time now.  It was a beautiful day for a hike and I am so glad that I brought my camera.  We spotted a gathering of  tiger swallowtail  butterflies and I managed to sneak up on them to snap a pic before my dog scared them away.  He was so confused when they went fluttering away all around him it was super cute. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


       It was another amazing year at Bonnaroo and our 7th year there.  It feels a little bittersweet because this years roo marks a major transition for us.  We have decided that we will start trying to get pregnant after this year and consequently be taking a break from Bonnaroo in the following years, ending our 7 year streak.   I will miss you Bonnaroo but I will be back.
      I feel like I could write a book on the Bonnaroo survival guide.  After 7 years it starts to become somewhat routine.  In the weeks leading up to we practice setting up our tent and shade strategies, my husband gets out the compass and we orient our tent so we don't get the morning sun.  Then I start planning our meals and cooking the food that I can ahead of time.  I usually make redskin potatoes, salsa, and quinoa.  Even though we are camping in the middle of a field in Tennessee we still manage to eat as we would at home.  This year we had swordfish tacos, marinated lamb, and chicken with the best barbecue sauce on the planet.   Finally I pack the Crv full and we make the 13 hour drive to Manchester.
       We arrived around 3 am, I drove the entire way there and I was exhausted.   By the time we got everything set up the sun was coming up and I couldn't fall asleep.  That day we took it easy, got to know the neighbors then checked out Phantogram and Big Gigantic.  On Friday when at Feist I got my picture taken for a fashion blog that I have yet to find then went to Rodrigo y Gabriela.  We reminisced at Radiohead because they were there our very first year.  We finished off the night at Major Lazar and Flying Lotus.  Saturday we checked out Sbtrkt, Childish Gambino, The Roots, Skrillex, and discovered delicious mini donuts.  Sunday we usually pack food and the umbrella and spend the entire day at the What stage.  There we saw the Beach Boys,  Bon Iver, and then closed out Bonnaroo with Phish.  It seemed easier this year,  the weather wasn't melt your face off hot.  We added a solar panel thanks to my husband, powering our fans, music, LED chandelier, and phone charging. 

Solar panel
Dust a roo
photo by Thomas Northcut of Free People