Friday, June 22, 2012

I've Got the Cobalt Blues

I wore this outfit the last day of bonnaroo. It was a little cooler than usual that day and I was comfortable even after the sun went down. When I was sitting on the lawn of the What stage waiting for my husband after the Beach Boys I was approached by a nice young man from Canada. This is what he said, " I am digging the curls, you look like a pin up from the 50’s, love your style." Then he gave me a high five and the peace sign and he was gone. I can appreciate a genuine compliment when they don’t try pick you up afterwards.  
Cobalt is my new favorite summer color, my eyes are drawn to it.  Even though everything is blooming and  so colorful right now, cobalt still manages to stand out. 
Shirt Forever 21 /  Skirt Levi's /  Sandals Chacos

Still rocking the roo wristband.  Since I was so bad at taking pictures of my outfits at bonnaroo, I am considering doing a what I wore to bonnaroo series.  Check back soon.

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  1. you look so pretty, love the color of your shirt! :)