Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whats New?

     Whats new you say?  Well, lots.  As you know I started working again which has left little time for blogging.  The job has been going well.  I am doing the same thing I was in State College but its seems to be very different.  We are living in a very rural area with high unemployment and low income.  Unlike State College where there were many highly educated individuals, infinite amount of resources, and involved parents with the means to raise thriving children.  The kids here are not so fortunate and my heart breaks on a daily basis when I hear some of their stories.   I feel better when I think about the difference that I am making  their lives.
      On a lighter note here are a few photos of new things around the house.

New buffet.  Its in rough shape but it was FREE.  I am considering painting the three little drawers without the detail gray, changing out the hardware, and putting a piece of marble on the top.   I am afraid its past the point of being able to be refinished,  the veneer is chipping of on top and I am not sure I handle re-veneering.

New mid-century modern nightstands.   Found the pair for $30 at the local antique store. They don't match the other bedroom furniture so I am going to paint them and change out the hardware.  I hate to paint over wood , but I have way to many refinishing projects as it is.  Also new lamps from Target.

New bkr bottle.   I love this glass water bottle with silicone sleeve, there is something about drinking out of glass that makes the water seem like it tastes better (as opposed to a plastic water bottle).  Ordered it from Pigment ,  free shipping and I was super impressed with their customer service.  I ordered a color that wasn't in stock and Carissa called me the next day asking if  the color "Fog" would ok.  Turns out I liked it more than the color I originally ordered.  When it arrived  there was a very sweet handwritten note from Carissa. 

New milk glass planter from goodwill.

New blooms on the tree in the back yard.

New visitors in the backyard.  I collected my scraps of yarn for the birds to use  to build their nests.

New hydrangea......LOVE! 

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  1. i like drinking from glass bottles better too! the water seems more pure, in my opinion. beautiful hydrangeas!