Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Lineup

In 2006 my husband and I went to our very first Bonnaroo music festival in Manchester, Tennessee.  It was an amazing experience which resulted in an annual trip to the Roo in the following years.  This summer will be the 7th trip and our last....  at least for a while.  We have decided to start trying to have a baby after this years Bonnaroo.   Each year we try to out do the last; better campsite, better food, and try to see more bands.  In the weeks leading up to we practice setting up our elaborate campsite in our yard.  Since it is hot as hell in TN that time of year my husband gets out the compass and we position our tent according to the sun.  We also like to eat well when there, last year we dinned on swordfish tacos with my homemade salsa, marinated lamb kabobs, and goat cheese with some other goodness to picnic when in the venue.  Since the festival does not allow glass bottles we have searched high and low for every premium beer that comes in a can,  my favorite is Dales Pale Ale.  We have mastered the art of smuggling those premo beers into Centerroo. Yesterday the gods of Bonnaroo announced this years lineup and just like every year we huddled around the computer to see it.  This year was this first time that we bought our ticket in November before the lineup was announced.  I am so excited for Major Lazar, Skrillex, the Beach Boys, and so many others.  Only 4 more months!!!!




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  1. This year I want to add solar panels to our site to run our fan, charge our phones, and maybe a blender...missing you from San Diego. ~M