Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Over the Weekend

This weekend one of our very dear friends from State College came to visit.  Friday I made lasagna and we played scrabble and listened to music while we got to catch up.  Saturday we woke up early to fresh snow on the ground, ate a big breakfast, then headed to the forest for a hike.  We worked up a ravenous appetite on our 9 mile hike and when we got home we devoured the leftover lasagna.   That night we had been invited to a dinner party with an Indian theme and were to bring our favorite dish.  Our visitor made lamb sagg  and we made chicken makhani; extra spicy.  Each dish was so delicious! I tried everything, maybe a little too much of everything  and as a result my night ended in a food induced coma.  Sunday, feeling recovered we took our friend to our favorite breakfast spot John Williams European Pastry Shop.  I ate two breakfasts; my usual fromwhich, bacon egg and cheese on a croissant then for breakfast dessert I had a belgium waffle and a old fashioned donut.  We went back to the house and vegged on the couch and watched movies then said goodbye to our friend.  What a wonderful weekend!

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